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Pre-Employment Background Investigations

Public Sector Background Investigations Specialists. Specializing in sworn and civilian Police and Fire applicant background investigations, from start to finish.

     We conduct comprehensive EEO compliant pre-employment background investigations on Police Officer, Dispatch, Records, CSI, Finance, Administrative Assistant, Project Coordinator, Lateral Firefighter and Arson Investigator applicants. Many background investigations conducted have required out of state travel to conduct personnel and Internal Affairs file verification. 

So why hire an outside source? Most agencies are utilizing Detectives or Police Officers to conduct background investigations. Very few, if any, police agencies have a surplus of officers to financially allow for dedicated background investigators. By outsourcing background investigations this allows the agency to either put officers back on the street and/or for detectives to work on their caseloads. There is also an agency cost savings, since background investigators only work when backgrounds are needing to be done.  

A partial list of the verification conducted during each in depth background investigation include:

  · US Citizenship

· Social Security

· Selective Service

· Military 

· Employment

· Residency

· Criminal History 

· Education 

· Social Media/Open Records 

· Traffic History

· Criminal and Civil Court Records

· Out of State travel 

· Polygraph  

· Job Suitability Assessment (JSA) and POST Psychological 


Most investigative companies will stop at the verification part, which is called doing a desk background, and critical or disqualifying information can be missed. To try and mitigate missing undisclosed information or negative personal behaviors, we conduct personal reference interviews and an in-person interview with every candidate. The in-person candidate interview allows us to verify disclosures provided by the candidate and discuss any discrepancies or concerns, prior to a polygraph examination. We are also able to observe the candidates body language and responses when certain topics are discussed with them. Upon completion of the verification and interviews process, a complete detailed report of the investigative findings is presented to the hiring manager.

Pre employment consultations


We offer assistance setting up a pre-employment hiring system with an emphasis on conducting quality background investigations to protect the clients assets and reduce the risk of liability. 

We will work with agencies to put systems, forms and best business practices in place to conduct consistent EEO compliant in house background investigations.

Attorney investigative support


Experienced working with private and court assigned attorneys to conduct discovery reviews, witness, victim and client interviews. All reports written with court presentation in mind. 

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